nuns of the world

and Religious Sisters too!

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Dear Friends,

I hope you had a peaceful Ash Wednesday and found time to go to church today. If you are just a nun fan and not a Catholic, then I hope you had a peaceful day nonetheless.

Just wanted to keep in touch to say that I’m still around and I am still up to date on all the nun news worldwide! Unfortunately, my work has kept me so busy that I can’t update this blog very often.

I originally started this blog to flood the #nun tag on tumblr with something that WASN’T pornographic and also gave a little information about nuns to the general public that wouldn’t otherwise know that these women still existed in the world.
I am so happy to see that there are ten times more young Catholics on tumblr who are doing their part to spread the word about vocations and bury all the disturbing, sexual photos that show up when you search for nuns on here.

Thank you so much for contributing and following me.